The Greasy Strangler | Horror Movie Review [SPOILERS]


The first horror in this movie are the physiques of the father and son. Ronnie & Brayden. No one wants to see that. The son and father are always in their bikini underwear. No one wants to see that!

The second horror is the dialog and delivery. It is terrible. I feel like it’s intentionally bad.

This movie feels like an R rated Napoleon Dynamite or Spork. Every character is an offie. (That’s Connecticut slang for odd, dorky, completely non self aware individual.)

The bad dialogue delivery and the fact that scenes go on for too long was a bit tedious. For example:

Are there drinks on this tour scene
What are the chips made scene                                                                                          I could loose my license scene

I will admit that by the time the “I could lose my license” the bad line delivery started to grow on me.

Oh look more scenes of Ronnie’s naked saggy ass, but now he’s got an oversized prosthetic penis. Incidentally, Brayden has a micro penis for some reason.

The character of Janet who starts dating Brayden has this horrible red hair wig and she kinda looks like Velma from scooby-doo. Ronnie is jealous, but also attracted to her.

This director gives Rob Zombie a run for his money when it comes to showing repulsive people. But unlike Zombie, these characters are oddly endearing.

I get that they were probably trying to make a purposely bad movie.
But upon my first watch not even so bad it’s good. It’s just bad. However when I rewatched it, it was funnier. I don’t know why, but I was cracking up the second I watched it.

It’s so, so bad. Words cannot express. But that is what makes it so good.

The funniest scene was the dance sequence with Ronnie in a purple crushed velvet bell-bottomed cat suit with the see-through crotch.

Then there is the infinite bowl of suck from the “hootie tootie disco cutie” scene. It is an earworm and will stay with you for hours after you watch this movie. Ronnie and Janet weirdly dance and repeat the phrase”hootie tootie disco cutie” over and over.

Ronnie is the Greasy Strangler and there is no rhyme or reason for who he kills or why.

Branden calls a detective named Jody to investigate. Jody is just Ronnie with a fake mustache, sunglasses, braces and for some reason super long finger nails.

Brayden and Janet don’t notice this, because this movie takes place in stupidville.

The ending was so WTF! If you want to be completely spoiled, watch the video review.

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