Top 10 Tuesday: Popular Movies I Don’t Care To See


10. Ocean’s Eleven
I heard that this has an all star cast and its so good……but it just doesn’t look interesting to me. I don’t mind heist movies. I liked Snatch and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Maybe someday I’ll catch it on cable.

9. Sleepless in Seattle
Yeah, this is just not my type os movie and I don’t really like Billy Crystal or Meg Ryan. So there is that two. I probably will never watch this.

8. Pretty Woman
I will never get the Julia Roberts thing. I don’t get the Sandra Bulluck or Reese Witherspoon thing either. They all look funny to me, but Hollywood keeps trying to convince me that they are beautiful and engaging. I find them common looking and boring. They will never be glamorous like Audrey Hepburn or Dorothy Dandridge.

7. Titanic
Yawn. I saw the boat crashing scene on Youtube, and that’s all that interested me.

6. The Toy Story movies
Just not interested. I think I like snarky humor in my animated movies like Shrek and Despicable Me.  These look too sappy.

5. The Twilight Movies
Vampires do not sparkle, end of story.

4. Harry Potter
I have tried. Honest to goodness I have tried to watch these but I can’t make it beyond 15 minutes. The closest I came was in a home theater room at Best Buy. I saw part of a Harry Potter movie, in which he was on a playground and he was sort of being bullied and then a storm came and I lost interest at that point. The picture was super clear on the HD screen that I viewed it on though.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean
I love Johnny Depp and I just haven’t gotten into these. I really don’t know why.

2. V for Vendetta
I have watched the beginning of this twice. I get as far as Natalie Portman being tortured, and then I realize that there must be something better on.

1. Avatar
I just don’t know why. I really don’t.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Popular Movies I Don’t Care To See

  1. Of all the movies you put on your list. The Toy Story Trilogy is one of the best animated series out right now. It is a story about growing up and leaving the things you loved as a kid behind. Told by the toys themselves. Toy Story 3 has some dark moments that I never thought one could put in a G rated movie. Avatar is good but only in 3D


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