Knucklebones | Horror Movie Review

My Disjointed Thoughts (Get it? Disjointed, like knucklebones)

This looks low-budget, but that’s OK.

It starts with some excitement in Nazi Germany, then some supernatural seeming murders at a dry cleaning facility in Texas?

Then a girl’s gay boyfriend breaks up with her. That actor was pinging the hell out of my gaydar. So she tries to slit her wrists while sitting in 2 inches of bath water.

She wakes up in the emptiest of hospitals with no bandages on her wrists and goes down stairs to Freddy’s boiler room. Which of course turns out to be a dream sequence.

Her mother brings her home and leaves her with a full pill bottle, because that’s what you do with suicidal people.

The acting is bad, the transitions are non-existent and the budget is low, but I’m still interested.

She goes out with her friends. Three girls and two guys. Pat Benetar, Blond Weave Girl, Suicide Girl, not Aaron Carter and Stock Dark Haired Guy. I seriously can’t remember their names.

Not Aaron Carter expositions that they are hanging out at the same dry cleaning facility that people were killed in 40 years prior, because reasons. Also factories that have been abandoned for 40 years still have electricity.

This movie is not listed as a horror comedy,but it should be. Especially when dude goes to his car to get his tools and his tools just so happen to be all the things that would benefit a slasher. A Machete, an Ax, and a Chainsaw.

They get the bright idea to summon a demon for fun. He shows up and proceeds to hunt them down while dropping one liners.

Then some extras from a Rob Zombie movie show up so that there are more people available for killing.

The kills are creative. They are all practical, too. This was bad, but so fun to watch.

The actress who plays the mom was horrible. I mean she made Sherri Moon Zombie look like an amazing actress. The rest of the cast was also pretty bad. I really like the little sister. It had a great gotcha moment. If you saw this movie you know what I mean.

I won’t spoil the ending but one character does something completely unneccessary to her body that she could have used one of the dead bodies for.

Other than that, I had a great time watching this!

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