The Greasy Strangler | Horror Movie Review [SPOILERS]

WARNING: SOME SPOILERS TO FOLLOW The first horror in this movie are the physiques of the father and son. Ronnie & Brayden. No one wants to see that. The son and father are always in their bikini underwear. No one wants to see that! The second horror is the dialog and delivery. It is terrible.…

Curse of the Queerwolf

Curse of the Queerwolf | Horror Movie Review

I remember renting this movie at the now closed Video Magic (Although some people used to call it Magic Video. The sign said Video Magic), back when they had the rent 5 movies, for 5 days, for 5 dollars. The caveat being that they could not be new releases. As a matter a fact I believe the movies were still on VHS. I love a good B-movie, although I’ve been known to watch the bad ones too. Anyway I was 14 years old when I rented this and all I could remember before tonight, was that I liked it.