Ditch Day Massacre 2016 | Horror Movie Reaction

This movie was so lackluster I couldn’t even write a review, just record my random thoughts as I watched it.

Killer keeps eating apples

He uses a hammer except for the lady whose fingers he cut off for no reason.

I’m so glad this movie is only 1 hour and 15 mins.

The locations were great. The gore was great. Acting, not so good. The teens look damn near 40. I can deal with the looking 27 ish. That’s to be expected, but these people looked well past 30. Their conversation didn’t sound anything like teens.

Did you catch the not Stella Artois bottle they used for spin the bottle? The music during that scene was horrible.

Did you see the big red Clown shoes in the scene where the first “teen” couple gets killed during sex?

Then the suicide girl has a romantic scene in which she shoves a big purple sex toy up her male classmates butt.

Her kill scene was strange because they keep cutting to a wall hanging and a t-shirt. But the effects were respectable.

The side story with the cop whose favorite word is fuck, was unneccessary. You could do a drinking a game. Take a sip every time he drops the f-bomb.

The main actress runs like she was the one that got that sex toy in the ass.

There is a small twist that I won’t spoil.

If you want to see some gore and a little sex. This movie delivers, but it’s not very good.

The ending takes forever. As short as this movie is, it feels long! I stopped caring, that’s how long the ending was.

Watch it at your own risk.

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