Bastard 2015 | Horror Movie Review

The movie jumps right into the natural-born killer style couples murdering some guy. Then we meet another couple or brother and sister? I really couldn’t tell if they were a couple or siblings. Are they both?  They are really weird with each other. The girl is super shy and timid. The brother/boyfriend is bland as ever.

They are running away and get picked up. Then they all go to a bed and breakfast.

A random couple gets killed while trying to have sex. Again with a girl trying to use a big purple dildo on her boyfriend. This is the second movie I have watched in so many days in which that happened. The other movie was called Ditch Day Massacre

There is a nice scene with a girl brushing the shy girls hair. It’s nice to show dimension, since what she was doing before that was the total opposite of a caring act.

More killings ensue and I don’t want to give much away because it had some cool curve balls.

The Ave Maria scene was so WTF. The story was very interesting but also WTF.

The positive with indie movies is that they get to be more original. So I appreciated that as well as the practical effects. The sound design left a lot to be desired. So if you’re trying to watch this with surround sound. It’s pretty  much a waste of good sound equipment.

This was more fun to watch than the trailer lets on. I appreciate that the trailer doesn’t show too much. [sarcasm] The trailer actually showed most of the kills. To be fair without those scenes, I wouldn’t have been interested in this movie. It was an enjoyable enough movie.

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