Fender Bender 2016 | Horror Movie Reaction

This is not so much a review as it is my real-time reactions as I watched the movie.

First kill was meh.

Then we meet the teen girl Hilary who just caught her boyfriend cheating with a cheerleader.  He looks 30.

She gets hit from behind by the creepy fender bender guy. I’m distracted by the driver’s big face and small nose. The scene drags on and on.

Her parents ground her and say she can’t go on the trip with them.
They tell her to take care of fixing the car. Calling the insurance company etc.

The agent was so nice. My husband said, “Who is she Flo?”

Meanwhile Mr. Tiny nose stalks the girl like a bootleg Stuntman Mike.
(Hey Warren who is this guy?
Stuntman Mike.
Who is he?
He’s a Stuntman.) I love that movie. Don’t judge me.

The sound design was so annoying. It sounded like there were bombs going off in a wind tunnel. Instead of a thunderstorm.

This sequence with Hillary home alone is dragging.
She’s now being stalked in her house, but doesn’t call the police.
Suddenly her friends pop over. Legend of Billie Jean and Ducky. That’s who they reminded me of, looks wise, not personality.

This movie is a thriller with Slasher elements. The kills are boring.
The main actress was pretty good and it was cool to have a Latin family featured. Yay diversity.

The Slasher character design was alright. The mouth part of the mask was bugging me. It was crooked. Sorry, I’m a Virgo.
His weapon was lackluster too.
I think this is a Chiller original movie. It’s half a step up from other releases, that I’ve seen from them.
However, I’m not going to give this a good review because the lead character does three of the most annoying things people in horror movies do.
1. Use a weapon and then drop it.
2. Turn their back on the Slasher instead of making sure they’re dead.
3. Not calling 911 until it was too late.

This one of those movies you have played on the TV in the background while you work on something else.

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