Jack Goes Home 2016 | Horror Thriller Movie Review

Jack is a jerk to his coworkers. His keyboard was so dirty it creeped me out. His dad dies in a car accident and Jack acts like he’s fine, but he’s most likely not. At one point he does refer to himself as a pretentious little shit.

This is listed as a “Drama, Horror, Thriller” on IMDb and it certainly is heavier on drama than the other two elements.  Lin Shaye was awesome in this, as she usually is. Rory Culkin was excellent as well although I did think he was Kieran Culkin for most of the movie. Natasha Lyon makes a good cameo as well.

The quiet almost overbearing sullen oppressiveness of this reminds me of the movie Stoker.

I kept wondering what the thing on his arm was. Kind of looked like a sweat band maybe.

The 19-year-old neighbor didn’t look a day under 27.  I looked up his IMDb page and his age is not listed. Good call buddy. Well played indeed.

Sidenote why does everyone have a dress form in the attic? In every movie there’s a dress form in the attic. I guess some people find them creepy. Clearly I don’t.

There were some damn good jump scares that I did not see coming. I liked that there were no music queues. It was just boom there it is.

When the secrets are revealed, I was like that’s fucked up. Then it gets American Horror Story strange in a good way.

This movie was very good. It was suspenseful, extremely well acted and like I said earlier the jump scares were very effective. If you like slow burn psychological horror thrillers you’ll enjoy this.

I compared this to Stoker in terms of mood, but it is a superior film in my opinion.

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