Dr. Strange 2016 | Super Hero Fantasy Movie Review

This is a review about the entertainment value of this movie, but I feel the need to briefly address the whitewashing controversy.
I’ll say this: on one hand it would good to see more Asian leads in movies across the board; on the other, do we need another Fu Manchu stereotype?

On top of that I think the Ancient one is supposed to be Tibetan and China has a strained relationship with Tibet. Hypothetically, Hollywood thinks that a Chinese audience would be turned off by a powerful Tibetan character, but are fine with white washing. [See also Great Wall, a Chinese  produced white savior movie.] We can’t pass China off, they make 90% of what Americans use daily.
(Points out made in China items; except Samsung phone – that was made in Korea). But most of all China is a huge market for Hollywood films.

So I acknowledge that this is another white guy goes to foreign land and learns how to do their special shit, better than them type movie. We established that it’s some more white savior bullshit, but was is entertaining?

Just like I can see that Madea movies are stereotypical bordering on straight coonery, I can still admit that they are funny. So with that said let’s talk about Dr. Strange.

The movie moves a bit fast for an origin story. Like: Meet Dr Strange. He’s a great surgeon. He’s a pompous asshole. Oh no car accident! His hands are fucked up. Physical therapist says hey this other guy got cured, you can too. Other cured guy tells Strange where to go in Asia. Boom! He’s in Asia and gets taken to the ancient one almost immediately. That was easy. It could use an extra 30 mins, but I’m sure they’ll release an extended cut on DVD.

The imagery was fantastic. The visuals were pretty impressive. They must look amazing in IMax 3D. I regret not seeing this in IMAX.

Dr. Strange is unlikable and I don’t know why the ancient one would choose to teach him anything. There were some pretty funny scenes like the one where he asks, “Whats this? My new mantra?” and is told “It’s the WiFi password. We’re not savages.”

While the movie is technically a super hero movie it feels more like a fantasy movie. Like if you mixed Harry Potter with those rated R sword and sorcery movies from  the 80’s. Most of all, it’s like a live action anime.

It was entertaining enough. Some of the action sequences were a little hard to see and reminded me of Transformers. I wish they slowed the sequences down by about 1/2 a second per shot. Let me see what I’m seeing.

Having white people dressed as Samurai in Hong Kong took me out of the moment, but then they were dimension jumping and bending time, so I guess I can suspend disbelief. Jedi’s are pretty much space samurai monks and we’ve gone with that for almost 40 years.

This movie was fun. Even if you think you’re not into super hero movies, I think you’ll still be entertained. I’ll re-review it if I get to see it in IMax 3D.

Did you see it? What did you think?

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