The Neon Demon 2016 | Horror Movie Review

The lighting and visuals of this are intriguing but the dialog. 😐 Actually it’s not the writing as much as the delivery. Every one has such a long pause.
“Are you new here.” ……….”Yes”.
“Have you done runway before?”……….”No.”

We meet Jesse at a photo shoot. She’s cleaning her makeup off when she meets a girl who is a makeup artist.
Who did your makeup then?

The MUA takes her to a party where she gets interrogated in the bathroom by some LA models and they put lipstick on her. Good way to get herpes or warts or something. Don’t share lipsticks.

Then it’s gets weird. A female mountain lion breaks into her motel room and trashes it. The hotel manager acts like that’s normal. Is it? I’ve heard they have mountain lions in California but is it common for them to break in?

Keanu Reeves shows up to play the creepy motel manager, but he is barely in the movie. I guess it was just something to do between John Wick movies.

There is another bathroom scene in which another model breaks a mirror. There was something uneasy about her eyes. I don’t know if they had the actress wear circle lenses or they digitally increased the size of her iris.

The scene with the triangles and her kissing herself in the mirror felt like a scene from the man who fell to earth.

Then the main character pisses me off. She hears the girl next door being attacked and possibly raped and she doesn’t call the police, just listens at the wall for a while then calls her makeup artist friend Ruby.

Ruby looks like the younger sister of Sarah Paulson. I’ve seen her in something before. Then I figured it out. She was Rocket in Sucker Punch.

This movie is an acquired taste. I appreciated the originality of the story. The visuals were striking and there are some horror elements, but it’s not truly a horror movie. I would place this in a double feature back to back with Starry Eyes.

Did you see Neon Demon? What did you think?

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