Alone 2007 | Review

Pim is a formerly conjoined twin living in South Korea. Her mother falls ill in Thailand and she must return home, where she is haunted by her past. Pim being a formerly conjoined twin is not a spoiler because this premise is established within the first scene of the movie.


She returns from South Korea to Thailand with her partner. He thinks that she is suffering from a mental issue and takes her to see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist thinks that Pim’s visions are a manifestation of guilt.


I really liked her partner’s character. He was very supportive and loving towards Pim. Their relationship with each other was very reciprocal. She really cared for him and looked out for his health and even though he didn’t believe her visions, he sought out help for her.


This movie makes use of mirrors to great effect. That is why I originally paired it with Look Away (2018). You have suspense, thrills and mirrors and more. Then I found out about the Hindi remake of Alone (2015) so now I have paired that with this movie for my video review.

The hospital is too dark. Hospitals are never as dark as they are presented in horror movies. I got a kick out of how they do this trope in Thailand too. They also did the dog barking at seemly nothing as well.

There is a twist in this. If you have seen enough of these types of movies you can guess what it is half way through. It’s still a pretty cool twist.


BTW, Pim and Ploy were connected in the same way that Chang and Eng were connected. Chang and Eng were billed as the most famous “Siamese Twins”. Siam is the former name of Thailand, BTW.

This was a joint project involving both South Korea and Thailand. I watched it in Korean with English subtitles. This was very enjoyable. The acting was good.


I really enjoyed the flashback sequences with actresses that played the twins when they were younger. There is set of twin actresses for when they were teens and another set playing them as children.


The effects were well done. This movie has jump scares galore and I love that. They are fairly frequent and effective.

The jump scares were well-timed and varied. It wasn’t the same type of scare over and over. There was some diversity of types of scares. Some were visual, some auditory, some were prominent and some were subtle.

It was a pretty fun watch. I recommend it if you like movies like Dark Water (2002) and What Lies Beneath (2000).

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