Like.Share.Follow. 2017 | Review

I had this on my watch list but then it sort of disappeared. I did not see any promotion or trailers or release date in theaters or streaming, so I forgot about it, until I jumped down this rabbit hole of cyber terror.

I was actually looking for a movie called The Collingswood Story from 2002, which was suggested to me by Jasper F.. Hi Jasper! I could not find anywhere to watch this movie. The DVD is not even available on Amazon.

Seth N. also suggested a film called Cyberbully from 2015, which is a British TV movie starring Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones. Thankfully that was uploaded on YouTube.

I am also planning on reviewing Evil Speak and Brainscan next month, since this month is heavily 2018 catchup. Next month will be heavily throwback movies.


Today though, we are gonna start with Like.Share.Follow which thankfully someone uploaded to YouTube. It seems that this is a “Cinemax presents” movie. I don’t have cable. I do have SlingTV so I can watch TLC, the Syfy Channel, and Epix Drive-In.

Other than that I just stream movies and shows on Shutter, Netflix and Amazon.
I forgot all about Cinemax. I remember when all they used to show were Emmanuel and Black Emmanuel movies and stuff like Poison Ivy, 9 1/2 Weeks etc. I love those types of movies too. Anyway, good to see that Cinemax is still around.


We meet the type of YouTuber that is what I call the “anything for views” type. He’s doing skits, he’s doing challenges, he’s a live streaming gamer. Whatever get’s him the most views, is what he does.


That’s sort of his brand. His name is Garrett and he seems pretty likeable. His dad wants him to go to college and get a degree to fall back on.

I really like when he was telling his father about the thing that people always told him to stop doing like clowning around and playing video games is what is making him popular.

I could really relate to that. My nickname as a kid was “mouth”. I was told over and over that I talk too much. I even talked to myself too much. In order to do YouTube videos, I have to talk to myself in a room with a camera.

I do edit my videos down quite a bit. They usually go from 25-30 mins down to 10-15, because I still think of myself as long-winded. The one unedited video I uploaded was either 45 mins or an hour.

The changing looks has been a thing with me since 10th grade, but back in the 90’s people weren’t used to a person changing their hair, makeup, and fashion looks so often. In this Instagram day and age, it is way more common….and Cosplaying was really considered out there back then.

I remember lying about going to a Star Trek convention, because I just didn’t want to deal with the “geek bashing” that used to go on before it was the cool thing to do. Yes, I am old enough to remember when conventions were small and not so packed that you can barely get tickets like they are today.


Anyway, Garrett get’s entangled with a woman who uses false pretenses to trick him into a situation that he did not intend to be in. Then things go downhill from there, because she is a Stan who is boil-a-bunny crazy.


Speaking of that, she does a particular thing in this that pays homage to Fatal Attraction. The way other YouTubers responded to the situation was so realistic. Their reactions range from critique, to empathy, to parody.

There is a detective in this who is played by the bully Kubiak on that Ferris Bueller rip off show, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. Do you remember that show?
I won’t tell any other plot specifics because that would be to spoilery.

Because I watched a YouTube upload of the movie, I won’t judge the lighting or color etc, because those could be affected by how it was uploaded. The score was a classic thriller score and did its job.

I have no complaint about the camera work or editing. The acting is pretty good. The best thing about this is the story. It really is a cautionary tale for the digital media age. The questions this made me ask myself is how much is too much to share about yourself.


Sharing about yourself makes your brand more authentic, but at what cost to your personal safety? There are a pair of vloggers I watch because they are in Orlando and I recognize the places they go and I think it’s interesting.

At the same time, is someone else watching them and plotting something terrible? I hate that we even have to think that way, but it’s a possibility.

This movie was a really updated take on stalker thrillers. It has a lot in common with Fatal Attraction, without being a complete remake of it. The main update being the use of YouTube, social media and texting. I enjoyed watching it.

As of the publishing of this review Like.Follow.Share is available on YouTube.

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