Cyberbully 2015 | Review

I just found out about this movie this morning. Shout out to Seth N for letting me know about this movie.


Maisie Williams plays Casey a girl who is just going about her day on the computer in her room. She plays music and video chats with friends. They discover that her ex has written about her being on antidepressants on twitter and they are both very scandalized by this.

Oh, Britain. I admire how nice you are that this is scandalous. Most of my friends have been on antidepressants, mood stabilizers, ADHD meds, or anti-anxiety meds. I’ve even known some people who sold their meds at school for extra money.

Do not do that kids, you could really hurt someone as you are not a doctor and someone could have a deadly reaction. Then you become a murderer, because you gave them the meds. Don’t be a murderer.

The cyber bully tries to blackmail her with threats of leaking some nudes. Just when I thought that this was going to be a dud, it got really interesting! It is revealed why the person is doing this.


The reason isn’t too impressive, but Maisie’s acting is. She carries the hell out of this bottle film. Yes, you heard that right. This whole movie takes place in one room with 90% of it dialogue between only two characters.

The moral to the story is Log the fuck off. Also don’t be a troll or cyber bully, but mainly if you are being trolled or cyber bullied, the ultimate blocking and muting is to log the fuck off.

This was a pleasant surprise. Especially for a TV movie. It helps that the running time on this is just over an hour. I am perfectly fine with that actually.

As of the writing of this review the full movie is available on YouTube.

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