Scare Campaign 2016 | Horror Movie Review

This starts out with a couple of security guards. Looks like one is setting the other up to be scared by casually bringing up the paranormal. It’s a setup for a gag of course and he falls for it. It’s for a show called Scare Campaign which is like Scare Tactics. The prank almost goes horribly wrong. The main actress warns the director/producer that one day he’s going to prank the wrong person.

The network head tells them that they need to amp the show up more to compete with super sick online shows that are on the deep Web.

The deep Web is like the dark strange side of YouTube but far far worse. I saw a man get his face blown off with a shot guns on the deep web. The caption said that he was a child molester caught in Costa Rica or Nicaragua and this was what was done to him. Sick stuff. Don’t go to the deep web.  Of course with all the videos we’ve seen of police shootings we are pretty used to seeing real death on camera aren’t  we.

Anyway they set up the next prank at an old children’s hospital. The mark used to work there and is quite mentally unstable. He cracks and goes on a murder spree. You see all of this in the trailer, so it’s not a spoiler.

When the shit hits the fan. They don’t call the police. They don’t leave. They keep filming. Halfway through I’m calling the twist. If you’ve seen the original April Fool’s Day then you know what I’m getting at.

Then they throw in another twist, which was great. There were some characters that had masks and the masks were phenomenal. The leader’s mask reminded me of the bunny from Donnie Darko.

It was pretty good movie. I recommend it.

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