Night of Something Strange | Horror Movie Video Review

Hello from the Sunshine State! I just watched Night of Something Strange
Let me start out by saying this movie was Strange, and I like it!
I’m going to spoil the first 5 minutes because you need to understand what kind of movie this is.
The movie starts with a janitor going down the hallway of a hospital with his mop bucket. He goes into the morgue and sees the body of a dead woman, and he rapes her. (I didn’t know this when I first watched this, but that’s the same actress from She Kills, a movie about a woman who’s vagina is possessed by the devil. So this is kind of an indirect sequel)
There is an interesting shot of him raping the corpse in the background while there is a shot of another male corpse in the foreground.
I kept focusing on his pink ears. They put gray makeup on his face to make him look dead, but they didn’t put it on his ears anyway. Cut to a woman cooking sausage in a kitchen. She calls the janitor for dinner, but he’s in his room holding his junk writhing in pain.
When she goes to his room to see why he isn’t answering her. She sees him standing up peeing on his bed. He then turns towards her and pees on her. He jumps off of the bed and rapes her until she hits him in the head with an alarm clock.
She runs into the kitchen and he gets up to continue attacking her and she stabs him. The stabbing looked so fake, like he was holding the knife under his arm. She walks up to him to see if he’s dead and he reaches up and shoves his whole hand into her vagina and pulls out her uterus.
That’s literally the 1st five minutes of this movie. It didn’t bother me because I like weird gross stuff.
We get introduced to a teenage girl, her friends, and her half cousin. WTF is a half cousin? Apparently they’re in study hall because the teacher isn’t teaching anything. One of the kids calls her half cousin a “lard ass”. I’ve only heard this expression being used in movies. Never in real life, like squirt or sis.
The wardrobe bugs. This one girl has on denim shorts, an orange tank and red patent leather pumps. To add insult to injury she’s carrying a furry pink purse.
Anyway we have 7 victo…uh teenagers. Five in the SUV and 2 in another car.
The acting was pretty bad, but the dialog was entertaining. Some of the stuff the teenagers were saying was crazy. Like when the girl told her boyfriend that she wasn’t going to have sex with him. This fool said, “Can I jerk off on your ass?”
I should say, the writing and dialog was snappy, but the actor delivery was lacking. For example, there’s a scene where a character says, “Yo…Bitch” just before shooting a zombie. It was an homage to Evil Dead 2, when Ash says, “Yo…She-bitch”. It would have been really cool if the actor delivered the line better.
The writing was good, but the acting didn’t do it justice. The pacing was bad sometimes with scenes going on a little too long. Like the scene with 2 characters sitting on a car having the most boring conversation ever!
There’s some stupidville moments, like how they never reload, but the gun never runs out of bullets Or how a zombie pees on someone, and then their shirt is suddenly dry.
It’s not all bad guys. This movie is definitely made by someone who loves horror. There were a few homages. I mentioned the Evil Dead 2 with the “yo, bitch” line. There is also a shout out to Night of the Creeps with the “who are you”, “I’m the guy that’s gonna save your ass” type line. They also stay at the Redwood Motel and the motel manager has the same proclivity as the innkeepers of Terror at the Red Wolf Inn. There are probably some others I missed. (Let me know in the comments if you picked up on other homages in the movie).
There are some interesting shots, like the one I described in the morgue. There is one that toggles back and forth between a regular shot and the same scene on the security monitor.
There were some cool elements. The concept of a sexually transmitted Zombie virus was great. There was a sex  scene where a condom was used. 👍👍 Also, the black guy didn’t get killed first.
Who by the way is described as having moved there in 6th grade, but still claims New York. It’s funny because we all know someone like that. There’s even a bit about him hanging out in Brooklyn all the time even though he’s from Syracuse. When he gets called on this, he says they border each other.
Some of the kills are cool. Some of them made me wince a little bit. There were some non kill scenes that were gross. I like that it takes place at a motel instead of a house or a cabin in the woods.
The effects were pretty cool the 2nd half of the movie. Remember what I said about the ear thing, and how fake the knife scene looked at the beginning? Well, I found out that this movie had 3 different special effects supervisors. The first one quit, the second one was fired, and the third one finished the movie. Kudos to them because they made some pretty cool body mods. They kind of reminded me of Tokyo Gore Police.

Speaking of Tokyo Gore Police, If you liked that, you might enjoy this. If you like movies like The Greasy Strangler, which I also reviewed here.

Bunny the Killer Thing


 Which I also reviewed here.
and Society. I think you’ll enjoy this one.

But like I always say, just because I like it doesn’t mean you won’t hate it, and just because I hate it doesn’t mean you won’t like it. Watch it for yourself and tell me what you thought.

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