Don’t Knock Twice | The Wicked | Double Feature Horror Movie Video Review

Don’t Knock Twice

We meet a teen girl Chloe, her friend/boyfriend Danny and her mother. I believe they are in Wales. Danny tells her the legend about the witch and if you knock twice on her door, how she’ll come for you,  but he believes it’s just an urban legend.
The movie has some great creepy imagery. Some of it reminded me of Lights Out. I liked the imagery in Lights Out, but the story execution wasn’t so good.
The mom took the express train to stupidville. She hears something in the house and proceeds to investigate without turning a single light on.
That aside the build up is nice, but what I don’t understand is why the witch took one person who knocked twice right away, but waited and played mind games with another person. It would make sense of she tormented all her victims equally.
It also bothered me that Chloe doesn’t tell her mother what she sees. She didn’t tell her mother about the statues and didn’t tell her about seeing the witch. I hate when characters do that.
I thought it was funny that Chloe’s shirt said, “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe.” That witch is killing more than vibes.
There is some great suspense and tension in this movie. Some good jump scares. The acting in this was pretty good. The story was pretty well thought out. The practical effects were good. The great Javier Botet, who is known for playing Mama, La Niña Medeiros in REC, and the Crooked Man in The Conjuring 2.

The Wicked

I like the opening. They established the lore about the witch and her house immediately. If you throw a rock at her house and you break a window, she will come for you.
The way it was set up kind of reminded me of something from the 90’s. The little girl was so cute. They actually used a small children to play a small child.
The character looked to be no older than 6 or 7. Too often they have an 11 or 12-year-old playing younger and talking like they’re slow instead of like they’re young. Got them clutching a teddy bear and about to start puberty.
They did that in “The Faith of Anna Waters” AKA “The Offering”. They had this girl in the movie acting like a child of 6-7 years old but the actress looked like she was already 13 and developing breasts.
Can you imagine how crappy Poltergeist would have been if they had not cast an actual 4-year old to play Carol Ann. Or if they made Andy from Child’s Play 12? He would have looked hella weird still playing with that Good Guy doll.
Anyway, This movie does not take itself seriously. This exchange for example:
“My grandpa just died.”
“We’ll he was old wasn’t he?”
…cannot possibly be meant to be taken seriously.
Also this, “You know my little brother. He’s a dick and he’ll tell.”
I could tell that this was not going to be a good movie, but it’s the right type of bad for me to enjoy.
The main characters are two brothers. The older brother is a senior and the younger one seems like a freshman. The older brother has his set of friends and the younger brother’s only friend is a tomboy named Sammie with an alcoholic mother that the town police like to harass.
I like Sammie. She kind of reminds me of a cross between Jody Foster and that girl from nutless version of Battle Royale who is too good to put on the Mystique makeup in the last X-men movie. That seriously bugged me. Rebecca Romaine’s Mystique was so much better.
The two brothers don’t really get along.  The older one wants to go camping with his friends after his dad told him to stay home after a little girl was abducted. The younger brother and his friend decide to sneak over to the campsite too.
Of course someone breaks a window and this makes the witch come for the kids.
The one thing I kept thinking, was if the Witch’s house has been like this for 20 or more years, how does this house still have any glass in the windows left? The movie actually addresses this.
There was a false scare that actually made me jump. Overall this was a pretty enjoyable movie. At times it felt a little made for TV and other times it did not at all. It’s a fun Friday or Saturday night horror movie.

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