Antibirth 2016 | Horror Movie Review

Looks like they used left-over sets from Rob Zombie movies. The characters look almost as dirty. Natasha Lyonne’s character Lou blacks out and finds herself pregnant via strange circumstances.

WTF with the TV programming? At first I thought they were going for a Frank Hennonlotter feel. He directed Frankenhooker, Basket Case, and Brain Damage. Then I thought about Xtro. I remember seeing a trailer for it as a kid, but I never watched it.

The music in this movie was off-putting, but it worked with the film. I think you’re meant to feel a bit disgusted.
Those creatures at the Chuck E. Cheese place are nightmare fuel.

This movie is going to good example of how great actors can add so much to a film. Natasha Lyon, Chloe Sevigney and Meg Tilly did an excellent job with what they were given to work with, which wasn’t very much.

It has a some great practical effects. There is a girl with a facial deformity, a nasty effect on Lou’s neck and the gooey gooey goodness of the foot scene.

Then there is that ending! I really liked how different yet retro this movie is. In a sea of haunted houses and found footage an entertaining Sci-fi horror was sorely missed.

This wasn’t perfect. The male actors gave weak performances compared to the three female leads. It gets a bit slow towards the middle and the story seem super basic and without much depth.

However, if you like gore and practical effects as much as I do this is worth a watch. Especially if you like 80’s movies like Xtro, CHUD, The Brood, Galaxy of Terror, and Breeders you might like this.

This was written & directed by Danny Perez. It is his first feature-length film. The budget was super low, so I wonder if he’s friends with the female leads and they did this as a favor for him, or if he had to spend 90% of his budget on paying them. Then I looked up the producers. There were 19 producers and Natasha Lyon was one of them.

Anyway, good first film. I look forward to seeing what he’s going to do next.

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