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Live Action Reviews! by Crystal Connor: Coast 2 Coast Horror

Originally posted on I am so very excited about this post guys! I’ve teamed up with Lady Shasha, the host of What Did I Just Watch? to bring you a three-part mini series to celebrate Black History Month, WiHM, and all things horror. The Daughters of the Dark, Lady Shasha host of…

Antibirth 2016 | Horror Movie Review

Looks like they used left-over sets from Rob Zombie movies. The characters look almost as dirty. Natasha Lyonne’s character Lou blacks out and finds herself pregnant via strange circumstances. WTF with the TV programming? At first I thought they were going for a Frank Hennonlotter feel. He directed Frankenhooker, Basket Case, and Brain Damage. Then I thought…

Curse of the Queerwolf

Curse of the Queerwolf | Horror Movie Review

I remember renting this movie at the now closed Video Magic (Although some people used to call it Magic Video. The sign said Video Magic), back when they had the rent 5 movies, for 5 days, for 5 dollars. The caveat being that they could not be new releases. As a matter a fact I believe the movies were still on VHS. I love a good B-movie, although I’ve been known to watch the bad ones too. Anyway I was 14 years old when I rented this and all I could remember before tonight, was that I liked it.