Gorenos | Horror Movie Video Review

This movie starts out pointing out problems in horror movies, kind of the way Scream was self-referencial. This continues throughout the movie and I like it. The screenwriting is pretty good. I loved the dialog. The way in which the teenage boys spoke with each other was believable and entertaining.
I love how realistic some of the conversations were. When Miles was yelling and cursing in his mother’s face. Her reaction was so realistic. You do not yell and curse at mothers of certain ethnicities. Black, Latina, Asian and Jewish mothers. You are taking your life in your own hands.
The acting was a little hit and miss, but I think it was because they were working with limited resources that did not allow for many retakes. So I don’t fault the actors at all they had the right charisma. I will say that maybe some characters were miscast. The detention teacher looked too young and one of the teenage friends, the guy who kept saying “dudesky” didn’t like a day under 35. Those two actors could have switched roles.
Although I do see why they did not switch them. The friend group may have looked too racially homogenous if they had and it was actually pretty cool to see a friend group that reflected a more diverse friend group. I get kind of tired of seeing an all Euro-American group with the one token person of color. If they had left him out they would have had the reverse, which would have been an African-American group with a token non-minority.
Many of the scenes were shot too close up. I know some of this is because they shot on location instead of a set with removable walls. Many movies shot on set have the ability to get a larger variety of angles. Movies shot on location have more obstacles that can make shooting tricky.
The transitions were very abrupt, because we did not get establishing shots (shots of the outside of the house, the school, or the strip club) but it didn’t bother me too much because the story was very engaging.
Ken Sagoes came through. Kincaid! From A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 & 4. He had one of my favorite lines in part 3 “The fuck you will!”

…and Kincaid was the one to announce that “Freddy’s back” in part 4. Also check out how his dog was named “Jason”.

Clarence Williams IV is the writer and director who did a great job with limited resources on a micro budget and I’m very interested in seeing what he does next.

Comments are welcome. I love to hear what you think, but racist, homophobic, or sexist comments will be deleted. It's not that kind of party.

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