Don’t Breath 2016 | Thriller Movie Review

The three main characters are supposed to be taken as unfortunate people, but I hate them and was eager to take pleasure in their dispatchment. Let’s see. There is an asshole boyfriend who’s too stupid to be an independent contractor. He robs under contract. Why? You’re taking all the risk and spitting profits, for what?

There is a friendzoned spineless follower ass loser, who uses his dad’s security info to help the asshole and the girl who has friend zoned him. If his dad owns a security company, chances are that he is not hurting for money, so he shouldn’t be stealing to begin with, but having gone to school with well off kids who stole for shits and giggles I know that doesn’t matter. He’s still a loser though.

The girl who friendzoned him is trying to get away from her alcoholic mother and her mother’s Nazi boyfriend. She should have been a stripper. At least its honest money and you’re not robbing old blind people.

Despite how unlikable the main characters are, there is a great Oh Shit moment. Something happens that I didn’t see coming.
Unfortunately, for me none of these people were likeable. They deserve whatever they get.

This movie was engaging before it went directly to stupidville.

They end up upstairs in a room in which there are bars on part of the window, but there is room to still get through. But apparently there was a window that they could have went through, because the dog jumps on a boy and pushes the boy through it. Then this kid falls 14-16 feet gets his head smashed onto a radiator, but he just pops up after a nap.

I was just waiting for the old blind man to off these losers.

Everything was telegraphed this movie. The camera zooms in on a piece of glass on the floor, so you know it will be stepped on. The camera lingers on a gun under a bed, so you know it will be used.

Then the ending. A character keeps stopping to look back and I wished the dog would catch and eat them. The movie turns into CUJO for about 5 mins.

There is a reveal  at the end of the movie that wasn’t really necessary and underwhelming. I won’t spoil it because maybe you might like it. Overall this movie was enjoyable. There were some good jump scares. There were some stupid parts. It was entertaining enough.

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