Grave Plot Film Festival 2022

Grave Plot Film Festival Episode of Coast 2 Coast Horror w/Crystal & Shasha

“The Grave Plot Film Fest is a collection of short horror films, all spanning 15 minutes or less, from all around the world. The event was started in 2019 by the hosts of The Grave Plot Podcast to showcase some of the weirdest, wildest, and wackiest horror content out there.

They wanted to shine a light on the independent filmmakers who are working their butts off to tell frightening, thought provoking, or just bizarre stories. The hope is to help create the next generation of horror, promoting those with a genuine love for the genre and a keen eye for film.” – The Grave Plot Film Festival 2022

Don’t have time to read? TLDR jumps right to the video review!


Beth, an insecure twenty-something, becomes obsessed with an insidious filter, leaving her to question true beauty. – IMDb page

Blodughadda (Bloody Hair) short horror film – Sweden

A man encounters an enchanting mythological creature in the forest. Things do not go as planned for him.

Cases D’Algú (Someone’s Home) – Spain

This Catalan language thriller has a solid plot twist, you may not see coming. IMDb page

Coure di Strega (Witch’s Heart) Trailer – Italy

Middle Ages, witch-hunt are out of control in Europe, a man accused of witchcraft desperately takes refuge in a forest, but the real danger to escape from is a sinister legend, more menacing than reality. – IMDb page

Despedida Sangrienta 2 (Bloody Bridal Shower 2) – Spain

Bloody Bridal Shower has everything a fan of 1970’s slasher movies could want with a pinch of grindhouse and seasoned with giallo.

Devil’s in the Details – USA

A witch gets less than she bargains for when she tries to summon Satan on her ex-boyfriend. An occult comedy. – IMDb page

Familiar – UK

It is 1942. Richard Mason is the Familiar to an ancient vampiric creature, living in the bowels of an old mansion. In order to survive it’s physical and mental abuse, Mason must bring it victims to feed on. – IMDb page

Hambre (Hunger) – Mexico

A child is being tormented by a voracious well demanding food from him. But as he proves unable to satisfy its hunger, he drags himself to find another way of feeding it. – IMDb page

MindEaze – UK

MindEaze quite possibly had the best reveal/plot twist in the Grave Plot Film Festival. I didn’t find a trailer or IMDb page but here is their short film website:

Progenituré (Progeny) – France

I could not find an IMDb page, site or anything on YouTube about this short film. The good news is that Crystal and I talked about it on our latest episode of Coast 2 Coast Horror w/Crystal & Shasha.

Salpicón (Diarrhea) – Mexico

This is a short zombie film that takes place in a bathroom.

Sucesión (Succession) – Spain

This short plays out like a supernatural suspense thriller, but is it really? – IMDb page

Tekenchu Trailer – Mexico

A man is lost in the forest, when he is found, dark things come to light. – IMDb page

The Milcreek Strangler Trailer – USA

In this dark comedy short film, a woman obsessed with a serial killer finally gets to meet him one night when he shows up at her house to kill her. – IMDb page

The Nick – Australia

It’s just a little nick. There was no IMDb page available at the time of this post, but you can watch the latest episode of Coast 2 Coast Horror w/Crystal and Shasha to hear more about this short film.

The Stitcher USA

There is something cathartic about seeing someone get exactly what they deserve. – IMDb page

Tío (Uncle) – Mexico

This beautifully rendered stop motion tale of a little boy facing a great horror is more than just entertaining, It’s educational and enlightening.

Wait For My Call – Short Horror Film – USA

Leah finds herself fighting for her life from a psychotic killer. When help arrives, it’s not quite what she was expecting as she is ruthlessly attacked by friends and family alike. Why her, though? – IMDb page

Wich – USA

It was an ordinary day. Until it wasn’t. – IMDb page

Zmiena – France

Greg, locked in his room, watches his body slowly turn into something inexplicable and terrifying, while hearing strange calls coming from the outside. A free adaptation of Franz Kafka’s classic horror/drama short story, “The Metamorphosis”, focusing on the one and only character Greg. – IMDb page

Grave Plot Film Fest 2022 | Coast 2 Coast Horror w/Crystal & Shasha

Crystal and I had a blast attending the GPFF 2022, here is our podcast about the experience as well as our mini reviews of each short film. Here are all the selections at a glance.

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