The Sacred Hockey Mask

You may have heard of Mild Fuzz TV on YouTube. It is the TV show centric channel from the Mild Fuzz Podcast Network, it features weekly TV episode reviews and is home to the Almost Cancelled Team.

Did you know that there is a new sister channel called Mild Fuzz Movies? It started out as a livestream channel that hosted video game play throughs and movie watch parties, but has expanded to include movie review, critique and discussion podcasts. Both channels were created and anchored by Peter (@wooble89).

One of the main shows is called Screams After Midnight, a horror review podcast which features Peter and Tim. Listening to it is like listening to two easy-going friends discuss movies over coffee.

Mild Fuzz Movies also features a newer show called The Atomic Cinema Experiment hosted by Peter and Tara. It is the podcast you want to listen to for witty banter about Sci-Fi movies.

The newest show to join the podcast network is The Sacred Hockey Mask, a conversational podcast about new horror releases. The first episode launched on Friday, July 16th, hosted by Peter and Lady Shasha.

It is great to see the Mild Fuzz Podcast Network continue to grow and Mild Fuzz Movies has a bright future ahead.

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