I’m Going to Kill Someone This Friday (2018) | Movie Review

I have been meaning to go back and ad subtitles to this video because the audio quality is so bad. I shot this before I had a proper microphone and any decent editing skills. I usually make notes for my videos, otherwise my ADHD takes over and my thoughts might come out disjointed. Here are my notes.

The poster art for this movie is really cool. I already looks like collectible art.
Immediately I can tell that this was filmed in Florida. Florida makes a really great backdrop for certain movies because it’s a very photogenic place. I wish they hadn’t muted the colors so much. Color doesn’t have to be drained to make a compelling thriller.

I liked some of the writing and I liked some of the cinematography and editing, but some scenes of dialogue were shot too close to the actors faces. The soundtrack was doing too much, when it wasn’t necessary. The musicality of the soundtrack was really good. I just would have chosen different points for it to come in at. The timing of the musical cues was questionable, but the instrumentation was well done.

I didn’t like the lead actor very much. Every actor in the movie had more presence and charisma than him, except maybe the child actor who played his son. I’m not saying he is a bad actor, but he didn’t pull this role off very well. I actually liked the dialogue, but this actor just didn’t deliver it right. 

Why was he naked in the pool, but not naked when he was having sex with his wife? That was some penis through the keyhole of his pajama pants passionless sex. Why does everyone let him talk crazy to them. His dad, his wife, his co-workers. Like that girl would not have immediately told her mother that he cursed at her and her mother would be on his ass like white in rice. 

When he told his wife to go to her room and she actually did it?! Weird. Some might say, a black woman would never, but I know some Irish, Russian, Italian, Viet, Laos, Filipina women that would have gone upside his head. 

Side note: the wife’s hair was fabulous. Shout out to the stylist. I love that home with the Buddhas. It was so pretty and I love Buddha. The ending was bugged out. If you just had the main character do what he did, that would have been fine. 

Spoiler Alert!!!

But they added the character of this little black girl, then they made her do something that young black girls don’t do. Shoot up her school. Now you know good and damn well that is primarily a euro-american male crime mostly. I think we’ve also had an Asian American , eur-asian male and one euro-american girl do this. 

Black girls get crap for a lot of stuff, but we don’t shoot up schools. Yet. It could happen. Anything is within the realm of possibility. So I really don’t know how to take this writing choice. 

Let me think this out. Maybe the character wasn’t originally written with this actress in mind, but she was chosen for the part because she was good at doing a dark emo-ish type persona. I would like to ask the writers why is this character? While I was at first glad to see black actors in the movie, not like this. 

Maybe I’m emotional because my cousin lost his daughter in a school shooting. This is not a black female crime.This is tone def af. Let’s call a thing a thing.What about Chicago, head-asses? They’ve been shooting up Chicago since Al Capone, different issue.

State by state gun laws are too stupid to work, because one could drive the next state over and the drive back – and if you put any dumb comments, I’m blocking you. My audience is too intelligent for that kind of shit. 

That part of the movie pissed me off b/c as a black woman, I am so tired of us getting shit on. Take ownership of your shit and school shootings are usually white guy shit. For the slow people in the back I said School shootings, not mass shootings not drive by gangs vs gangs, not drug deals gone wrong.  School shootings.

Why didn’t you explore that? Let me guess because you would have to confront psychological problems in the pathology of mentally ill white men and if we tried to do anything about the mental health epidemic is the US that would be too much like right.

Horror doesn’t have to be realistic. I get that, but this issue hits too close to home at this time in the U.S. When we have a real issue with mental health and gun regulation. For my viewers outside the US, that means that you can be nuttier than a fruitcake and still buy as many guns and ammo as you want in many states.

This represents a problem because even if you live in a state that actually does background checks, you can just drive to a state that doesn’t buy your weapon of choice and drive home. 

I live in Florida, who’s official nickname is the Sunshine State but the unofficial name is The Gunshine State. Around the corner from me one of the car dealerships had a sign “Free AK-47 with the purchase of a Ford F-150”. Apparently that’s legal in Florida.

I have been to the gun range a few times.  My father taught me to shoot a riffle at 8 years old. I’ve done target practice with a revolver, a glock and a 10 gauge shotgun. They have ladies night at Shoot straight on Wednesdays. …and I still think that there should be major improvements in mental health and gun legislation. Don’t @ me. 

Anyway this movie shot itself in the foot by trying to be cheeky. This is not the time for myopic white male bs. Obviously, I am not talking about all white males, just the tone def myopic ones. 

Speaking of characters, was his work friend only in his head because no one else interacted with him except the main character. That guy was a good actor. Very charismatic. The real office workers were as well. 
This movie had potential but didn’t stick the landing.

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