Queen of Spades: Dark Rite | Movie Review

If you have seen the trailer you know it’s like Bloody Mary or Candyman.

The actors were believable. I liked that it took place in an apartment building in a city. Also that many of the scare scenes happened in the daytime.

In most horror movies it takes the whole movie before the parents believe the kids. Twenty minutes in, the parents believe and leave. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Spooky stuff starts happening and the Dad was like, “we’re leaving”. This is the reaction that should be present in more movies.

This was very suspenseful and featured a nice back story about the Queen of Spades. It was decently fleshed out and not just a rushed afterthought.

When the dad gets that other dude to help, and he says to let her manifest. I was like for what?!

This movie is a lot of fun. The jump scares are well-timed and effective. They were not surprise it’s your friend tapping you on the shoulder false scare. It’s boo she’s there, in your face!

I liked the creature design. She kind of reminds me of Mama. I usually don’t like CGI as much as practical, but it wasn’t bad. They didn’t allow her to linger on-screen long.

I did not like the glowing blue eyes. We were taking bets on where the Queen of Spades was going. To the mouse, the doctor, Ava’s mother. We were both wrong.

I like really liked it, until the last 15 minutes of let’s throw all the cool stuff we just did out the window and do a tired exorcism type scenario because reasons. It was such an unnecessary tack on at the end of an otherwise cool movie.

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