I’m Hosting The Mutant Fam Live Tweet

Lady Shasha Banner with Twitter handles @horrorfreq and @WDIJW

Hey latchkey kids and drive-in mutants, I am so pleased to announce that I will be guest live tweeting from the @TheMutantFam Twitter account starting at 8:15pm and during The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs.

The Mutant Fam is a fan-run community for the Mutant Minded to find other freaky f(r)iends. A place to discuss the 3Bs & feel safe while doing so. THE LAST DRIVE-IN FRIDAYS 9p ET

Joe Bob Briggs Action Figure with Chili Bandit artwork by @VictorMoreno for @TheMutantFam banner

What are latchkey kids? They are what my YouTube community are called, many of them are also Drive-in Mutants, a group that has formed around the love of Drive-In cinema. Many of us became Drive-in mutants as children when we first started watching Joe Bob in the 80’s. In the 21st century we still enjoy communal movie watching via live tweeting together during The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs on Shudder.

Please join me as we live tweet the horror movie double feature Joe Bob Briggs has in store for us this Friday. To see the clues as to what those movies might be follow @therealjoebob on Twitter and @kinky_horror Diana “Darcy the Mail Girl” Prince.

Special thank you to The Kirk Unit @KirkCruz for putting this together and creating this flyer and the banner above.

Comments are welcome. I love to hear what you think, but racist, homophobic, or sexist comments will be deleted. It's not that kind of party.

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