Digging Up The Marrow | Horror Movie Review

Opens with some great psuedo-documentary footage about monsters and the people who create them. This movie is done documentary style. This is the new trend. The Taking of Deborah Logan was presented as a documentary. The Atticus Institute was also presented in the documentary format.

Adam interviews Det. William Dekker who claims that monsters are real. He says that they live below the surface in a place he calls “The Marrow”. “The Marrow” is only a slightly better name than “The Further”. The idea of monsters living underground reminds me of Night Breed.

He tells them about his experiences, and Adam responds in an obnoxious skeptical way. There is some establishing scenes with Adam, his cameraman and his wife. They meet up with Det. Dekker so he can show them the entrance to The Marrow. He tells them that they must do what he says. For some reason I just know that they will do the opposite.

I like Det. Dekker. He’s interviewed again and this exchange happens.
Shows painting of a monster “This one I call Vance”
Adam, “Why do you call him Vance?”
“Because that’s what I wanted to call him.”

Like I said, they don’t listen to Det. Dekker. The cameraman Will irritated me when he wouldn’t switch to night vision at one point in the movie. I can’t tell you more than that without spoiling it. It is also annoying when they are reviewing some footage and they keep playing it over and over, instead of pausing, or viewing it frame by frame.

There was some funny horror convention footage, with some great cameos.
The shameless visual plugging of “Frozen” (not the Disney animated one) was irritating, because that movie sucked. There was paraphernalia from Frozen all over the place. Give it up Adam stop trying to make Frozen happen.                                                                                                                                                                                                              To advance the plot Adam and Will go and do some dumb $h!t. The type of dumb shit that is exactly what Det. Dekker told them not to do.

I thought that it was going to go from skeptical documentary to some really scary $h!t, but the payoff was lame. The monsters looked like live action versions of the creatures from the cartoon Aah Real Monsters! They did not even match the origin story that the Det. told them. The monster pictured on the poster art, does not appear in the movie either.


This must give Adam Green nightmares.

This movie had an excellent concept and started off very promising. It could have been ground-breaking, but it stops short at just alright. I was really let down by the creature design and. Maybe I’m jaded and desensitized from watching so many horror movies. [Kanye shrug]

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