Unfriended Dark Web 2018 | Review

The Den 2013 | Unfriended: Dark Web 2018 | Video Review

Shout out to Summer E. who requested Unfriended Dark Web.

Do people who only use PC’s get the as much out of these movies as Mac user’s? I mentioned switching back and forth between my sister’s HP laptop and my old iMac for now and how it’s a little disorienting at first. I’m good now going back and forth since it’s been 3 months.

Anyway, since things look different on the HP for example if that was my general experience I don’t think I would get as into this as I do as a Mac user.


I liked the variety in the friend group. There were 2 Euro-American guys, a guy from the UK, and interracial lesbian couple and a girl who looked to be Asian-American.
The character is later revealed to be Indonesian. That was pretty cool.


Some butt hurt people will say it’s pandering, but for a lot of us this reflects our reality. Especially in a world where a lot of us meet people in college and or online from around the world.

I literally have European cousins, and some of my friends are gay and in interracial marriages. I feel sorry for people who only have people who are just like them in their social circle.



It was interesting when Matias (the main character) was screen sharing and the friends were working together looking through the files on the computer he found. I was really engaged.


It got janky when the hooded figure popped up. For some reason there was interference when he was video threatening Matias. I wondered if this character was supernatural, but part of the story involved money, more specifically crypto currency. Why would a supernatural entity need money? So why or how did the image and sound distort?


Let’s talk about some of the kills. The first implied kill was the one with the corrosive *chills*

The second one on the roof meh. The third one was creative with the use of sound and the 911 call. Speaking of the third one, we’ll call “the choice” – it was tense and well done. Kudos to the actress in that was the focal point of that scene. She did an excellent job.


All the actors were way better in this than in the first one. I won’t go through all the kill scenes. They were better thought out in this sequel.

The whole thing was better written than the first, but it did crib a lot off of The Den. It changed enough elements so as not to be called a complete rip-off, but it definitely shares a lot of the same plot elements.

The movie moved along at a good pace. I wasn’t bored.
I wouldn’t mind them making a part 3 if the writing stays creatively the way it is in this installment.

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