Voodoo | Baskin | Double Feature Horror Movie Video Review

My notes on Voodoo

Movie opens with a POV that looks to be filmed on VHS for some reason.
The actress who seems possessed at the beginning was creepy. Even in the kind of cheapie looking VHS. She did a good job.
The main actress is trying to do a New Orleans accent, but it’s not so good. Granted it’s a hard accent to fake. My cousins live there and I love their accents and the way they say, okay.
The writing is already weak, because of instead of just showing the relationship between the characters, they have them repeatedly refer to each other as cuz or cousin. We get it, you’re cousins.
Remember when I said in my get out review that the dialog had meaning and was part of a larger story. It’s the complete opposite in this movie. It has dialog that seems to be there just to fill time.
The characters are annoying. When they were smoking weed, I swear they used CGI smoke.
One girl reminds me of Farusa Balk and the other reminds me of the dark-haired girl from Community.
Ron Jeremy shows up for no reason. It’s at this point that I think I’m watching the wrong Voodoo. I thought this was the one with Terrance Howard. It’s not.
This movie is so bad. They keep having to walk up a hill because the cab drivers drop them off at the end of the long driveway. Why doesn’t the cousin that lives in LA not have a car? You can get away with that in NY, but its way harder to get around LA without a car.
There was a weird ass make out scene. The guy is kissing the girl and feeling all in between her legs, but when he tries to feel up her boobs, she’s like no. In what world do you let a guy feel all up on your coochie, but turn into a prude about your boobs.
There was a really bad jump scare that I’m ashamed of myself for jumping. I knew something was going to be there, but I didn’t expect it to be as close to the foreground as it was.
Then there was some really horrible CGI at the beach.
I want to stop watching this. It’s so bad, but now I’m too far I’m and I feel that I have to finish this.
There is no reason for this to be found footage other than to cover the fact that they have a home movie camera.
I’m sleepy again. This is shot like an episode of cops. When she walked around the house. That was creepy.
They got me with a second jump scare.
When she went downstairs to “hell” it was like a scare house at Universal Halloween Nights.
One character reminded me of Angela from Night of the Demons.
I like that they used a shadow person in addition to the demons.
Because of the first person perspective, the jump scares feel more like you’re playing a videogame like 5 Nights at Freddy’s.
They were effective for me.
When she gets taken to Silent Hill and gets attacked by not Sadako, then she gets sniffed by a couple of crawlers front the descent.
At this point, who the hell is holding the camera?
Gollum starts talking in the background and she gets attacked by the people under the stairs.
A woman gives birth and the person pulling the baby out wraps the umbilical cord around the mother’s neck then another woman eats the baby.
Then she gets pulled into another room where more people are being tortured including someone who is getting a horn stuck up his ass.
Then creepy rapey Uncle Jakey shows up.
Then she goes into a bright room where her mother is. Then the room turns red two ghouls come in and rip out her mother’s intestines and one rubs them in her face and says.
“Suck on your mother’s bowels you fucking cunt”.
Then she gets walked into another room where a bunch of ghouls are in the corner and the Devil is in the opposite corner on his throne. They undress her and the Devil goes to pound town from behind.
Then he says something but I can’t make out what he said.
Then she gets dressed and walks through some smoke into a modern home with nice furniture.
She thinks everything is fine until she goes into the kitchen and sees her cousin eating her.
This is actually at the movies here in Orlando. It’s at Universal Studios AMC theater.
Remember when I said that it felt like a scare house at Universal Halloween Horror Nights? Well, upon checking the trivia, many of the actors who played the various inhabitants of hell actually are cast members in the scare houses at Universal.
The acting wasn’t so great, but the directing was pretty solid.
This has nearly nothing to do with Voodoo and should have been named Danielle Goes to Hell.
I give this movie credit for not having a single fuck to give. They really committed to the overall the top nature.
If you like gore and over the top bordering on extreme horror, give this a look. Bear in mind it kind of has a student film feel, but I can’t say I didn’t have fun watching it.

My notes on Baskin

Comes from horror short.
Turkish movie.
Main characters are police officers.
Introduced having dinner, betting on soccer and telling funny stories. Very engaging dialog.
Now that is how you establish and develop characters. We learn their personalities through conversation.
We can tell from their interactions, who is new, who is a seasoned veteran. Who is quiet and reserved and who boisterous and brash.
We see them doing their patrol, singing along to the radio in the police transport.
Shit I didn’t see that coming.  Great timing. It made me jump.
They respond to a call for backup and find themselves in an extreme situation. That’s all I’ll tell you about the plot.
I heard this movie described as Hellraiser meets Silent Hill. I could see where the comparisons come from. The environment with the chains and torture elements does remind me of Hellraiser. The dream like execution and some of the creature characters makes you think of Silent Hill.
Starts off well paced, but slows way down in the middle. The bald actor they have playing a certain character just couldn’t carry those scenes. He looked like a failed Vin Diesel clone. Or if Vin Diesel was a live Simpsons character.
I think he was chosen because he looked odd, not because he was a good actor. All the other actors were great, though. The soundtrack was really good! I liked the ending a lot. This is definitely worth a watch.

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