Vern Troyer as Gnome Alone

Gnome Alone | Horror Movie Reaction

  The movie starts with some really badass animation intercut with some scenes that explain the back story of a Leprechaun and the witch who betrayed him. She was marked with the sign of the curse, so she summoned a Gnome for protection. With each generation a new witch is marked with the curse, and…

Curse of the Queerwolf

Curse of the Queerwolf | Horror Movie Review

I remember renting this movie at the now closed Video Magic (Although some people used to call it Magic Video. The sign said Video Magic), back when they had the rent 5 movies, for 5 days, for 5 dollars. The caveat being that they could not be new releases. As a matter a fact I believe the movies were still on VHS. I love a good B-movie, although I’ve been known to watch the bad ones too. Anyway I was 14 years old when I rented this and all I could remember before tonight, was that I liked it.