What Did I Just Watch Featured in The Lamb

Featured in The Lamb!

I am super excited to announce that What Did I Just Watch was recently featured in The Large Association of Movie Blogs (Lamb). Thank you so much to The Vern from Video Vangaurd and Dusty Wallace from Dusty on Movies! I am very happy to be a member of LAMB.

Documentary Bully

Bully (2011) | Movie Review

I saw two movies this weekend, back to back. One was The Cabin in the Woods, and the other was Bully. Of the two Bully was the bigger horror movie, so I’m writing a review of that first. Going into the movie, I didn’t expect to have too much sympathy, because I am part of…

Robocop Melting Man

Unrated Ultra Violent Disturbing & Gory

If I see any of these words used in the description of movies I take it as a personal challenge. I grew up watching violent action movies, Kung Fu, and especially Horror. The horror love is basically genetic. My Grandmother used to pay a nickel to see double features of Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy and…

Woman Cries After Seeing Insidious

This is what happens when people grow up thinking “Final Destination” & “I know What You Did Last Summer” are horror movies, think that vampires sparkle and go to high school even when they are over 300 years old (Can you say statutory rapist?), and get over exposed to watered down remakes (I’m looking at…